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what the hell

The game looks nice! for me the graphics or the artwork is simple but it is pretty. unfortunately, I don't know about a single thing about French so I just assumed things but great game you have here.

p.s game starts at 00:10

Thanks, your video/Channel is nice, I’m glad you enjoy it ! Don’t worry you got all French sentences.

Was a fun game to play! Loved the animations and the in depth stuff in between the scenes (Been a while since I used French, so was a fun little refresher on it and I think the two lines in between the game play meant to put in some in depth metaphors about putting a mask on someone and not being themselves). The art was really good as well! All in all a great and fun little game!

Hey thx ! It’s a cool video, happy you liked it 😃

Trop bien ! Très inspiré par Kids non ? ;)


J'aime beaucoup les animations et l'ambiance générale. Bravo pour les dessins qui donnent un ton particulier au jeu ! 

I haven't played yet, but I really liked the graphics, I'll definitely play in the near future

Thx, take your time, it’s free and I will not remove it ! 😄

Très chouette, on sent tout de suite l’inspiration que tu tires de Kids et Plug N Play !

Même si j’avais commencé mes séries de dessins avant plug and plug ( qui est excellent ) , c’est un peu dans même veine en effet. Kid est trop technique mais pas mal aussi.